About the Author

Nadine Sabulsky - The Naked Life Coach

Photography by Brian Gilmore


Nadine Sabulsky is The Naked Life Coach™ for Individuals, Couples, Families, and Groups.

A student of metaphysics since 1985, she has studied Energy, Faith, Quantum Physics, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and the Law of Attraction. As a Naked Life Coach she helps her clients change their patterns to create the reality they want to enjoy in their lives. She offers coaching in person in the Greater Phoenix Metro Area, as well as worldwide through video conferencing, phone, instant messaging & email.

As a writer, she is the Metaphysics & Spirituality columnist for Examiner.com and sometimes poet. “Living The Naked Life” is her debut full-length self-help title. In addition to “Living the Naked Life”, she has authored a series of companion volumes titled “Use It Wisely!” Each volume applies the lessons from “Living the Naked Life” to a specific life topic.

She is the developer of the concepts behind Satoria Nation, a plan to create a new societal paradigm through eliminating money and using existing knowledge and technology to create a logical and sustainable utopia, including redesigning educational and legal systems, and automating the production of goods and food.

She has been an entrepreneur since 1989, with businesses including cleaning, graphic design, entertainment, party planning, electronic cigarettes, financial services and software design. You can view her full resume on LinkedIn.

All photography by Brian Gilmore.