About the Author

Transformational speaker, NeuroCoach, author, mom, movie star, super-heroine, synergist, karaoke singer, dancer, serial entrepreneur, adventuress, inventor, designer, Goddess & more! Nadine Sabulsky is the founder of  the Naked Life Coaching™ modality, and grand wizard of Mind Body Wizard™

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Nadine is a Neurocoach, Author, Transformational Speaker and Trainer, specializing in teaching applied experimental metaphysical principles combined with practical skills training, to reveal, release and enhance the innate human potential we all possess.

Nadine’s Mission Statement
“My goal is to increase the net amount of personal freedom for everyone on the planet.”

Inspired at an early age by the human potential ideals expressed in the science fiction stories of Robert Anson Heinlein, Nadine has lived an unconventional life and has practical knowledge of the real world struggles in attaining personal and professional development to attract success. Her pursuits have led her to travel most of the continental United States, and read a book (or more) a day throughout her life. She knows what works because she has suffered the difficulties of what doesn’t.

Nadine has been featured on ABC, FOX, and many podcasts and magazine interviews.  Nadine’s YouTube channels have received over 1 million views, and she’s been featured as a #1 best seller on Amazon.

Nadine leverages behavioral neuroscience insights on how the brain works to guide and empower people to unlock their full potential, maximize performance and develop an unlimited mindset, ultimately leading them to live a fully authentic, self-expressed and fulfilling life. She is passionate about sharing her synthesized concepts that are most of us are never taught in school. Her clients gain valuable skills quickly, allowing them to implement highly abstract concepts in easy, repeatable applications in their daily, interpersonal, and professional life.

Nadine’s areas of synthesized expertise are many, including: alternative lifestyles, ancient wisdom, cultural structures, entrepreneurship, epigenetics, history, human potential, interpersonal and romantic relationships, “Law of Attraction” (LOA), marketing, martial arts, metaphysics, meta-systems design, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), neuroscience, philosophy, physics, psychology, public speaking, quantum physics, semantics, sociology, storytelling, technology, the visual arts, writing and yoga. How do all these seemingly varied disciplines intersect? Talk to Nadine and find out!

Nadine believes shifting your reality from chance to change is possible. Providing more than accountability, on-going support and access to member-only materials make that change for her clients significant and lasting.

Nadine’s methodology focuses on implementing radical transformation in the simplest, fastest, and most efficient and effective ways, so you can comfortably begin living your true dreams and attain a passion for life immediately.

Nadine’s focus is on teaching the 8 Pillars of Life Excellence, through focused 30-90 day programs and annual Mastermind programs. She offers both personal and group neurocoaching and these programs:

  • Emotional Mastery in 30 Days™
  • Mindset Mastery™
  • BodySculpting™
  • Communication Skills Mastery™
  • Relationship Skills Mastery™
  • Time Mastery™
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Entrepreneurship Skills

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Nadine’s Bibliography

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