As you may have noticed, each section and chapter has been divided into three parts for easy digestion. In addition, there are exercises scattered throughout the material to enhance the learning and application of the concepts, as well as my own anecdotal evidence in between chapters 5 and 6.

My goal in writing this book is to show and teach as many as possible that each of us has complete power over ourselves, that nothing and no one can take that power from us unless we willingly relinquish it, and that when we consciously claim this power, we are all capable of magic and miracles of the highest degree.

In addition, my intention is to awaken humanity to the potential of actually creating heaven on earth, right here, right now. Just as we each can claim this power for ourselves, so can we combine our forces and literally change the world, in a very short time frame indeed!

Appendix B contains an outline of a rationally comprehensive plan which is based on the current knowledge and ability of humanity which we can use, if we choose, to develop a sustainable utopian society.

~ Inspiration ~

We all know that it is better to “think positive” or “be positive” than it is to be the opposite, but how do we do that consistently? Through honest evaluation of the factors that truly worked to aid me in my own growth, as well as that of my friends and clients, I discerned and concentrated the key elements that I have found which both open and accelerate the transformative process.

What you are about to read is a compendium of knowledge that I have synthesized from a variety of sources including my experience and informal experiments

With a lifelong entrepreneurial background, as well as my studies in neuro-linguistic programming and quantum physics, my life’s path led me closer to my passion through in-depth analytical reviews of current and proposed self-help methods, and exposure to validation of ‘The Law of Attraction’.

Through combining all of this wisdom, I am happy to give you the methods of a process you can use to develop unwavering faith and completely, consciously and willfully create your own reality.

Many experiments have shown the power of belief, but regardless of other’s experience, how do each of us create our reality? Ultimately it is a thing that can only be proven experientially, because it is only each of us who is master of his or her own mind and can fully document the process of belief transforming reality.

Exercise: I recommend that you start and keep a daily thought, action and manifestation journal so that you can verify, through your recorded experience, that faith makes all things possible.

In Appendix C you will find a list of recommended materials if you wish to retrace some of my information gathering. In addition, some of my own manifestation experiences are included in this volume.

As I write this, most of the world has been going through a recession/depression state, and it seems even harder to keep a positive outlook than ever before. We could get caught up in the world’s ‘negative outlook’ or we could realize that right now we are ready, perhaps more ready than we have been since the Great Depression, to consciously adopt a new reality.

The ways contained in this book will increase your awareness through aiding you in awakening your conscious mind and guiding your subconscious mind. When you are the master of your own mind, you become the author of your reality!

Over the past 15 years I have been increasingly aware of a shift in the mass consciousness, and during the past two years the speed of this shift has greatly increased. Many predict the ‘end of the world’, ‘Armageddon’ or ‘apocalypse’ or some other form of traumatic change for 2012.

I personally trust there will be major change, but I believe it will be an Apocalypse in the true meaning of the word – originally Greek for ‘unveiling’. I think that the assorted prophecies herald a mass awakening of humanity and an end to the old order of things – which to me means an end to fear and falsehood and an awakening to our own power and abilities as the children of gods.

The inspiration to write this book came in a flash as soon as I figured out (with the help of a friend) what my job title should be, i.e. “The Naked Life Coach”. At the time, I had been “let go” from the place I was working, for, as I felt, “failing” to conform to the boss’s ideals.

When I first got into this business I had a strong desire to teach people about manifestation, but I didn’t know what to call my practice. After a few months of undefined effort, it was suggested that maybe I could help set up the new Red Ray Temple inChandler.

The pivotal moment occurred as I was chatting with a friend’s web developer. We were both naked in the hot tub at the time. “Fergie, I need to figure out how to better market myself and what I have to offer, any suggestions?” I asked.

“Well, what do you like to do?” Fergie responded. “Hmmm… I like being naked!” I responded with a laugh as I glanced down at myself.

“Okay what else?” Fergie queried.

“I like helping people figure out how to get what they want in life.” That is my truest passion, as I had realized over the last few years.

“There you go – you can be a life coach!” said Fergie.

“I can be a Naked Life Coach!” I cheered. Thus, the title of The Naked Life Coach was born. I knew even as I said it that I had just manifested my perfect life path….

Having an ‘official’ title seems like such a small thing, but when I figured that final part out it was as if something clicked into place. That same night I came up with the idea to write this book, complete with its title, and I had never particularly wanted to write any kind of self-help book before.

I shall attempt to squeeze as much of my accumulated wisdom, knowledge, experience, expertise, and hopes as possible into this tome! Part anecdote, part how-to, I hope that this volume will inspire you and give you the tools to become what you’ve always wanted and live a happier, more fulfilled life than ever before. And, oh yeah, GET NAKED!


~ My Background ~

If I wrote my life story that would be another 10 books (at least!) so I’ll stick to the basics here.

I was raised in a conservative Christian (Seventh-Day Adventist) household in small-town southwestMichigan. I was the oldest, having 3 brothers, all approximately 2 years apart in age. I remember my childhood as being very happy.

My mom gave us all lots of love. She was always optimistic and caring. She would take us on nature walks and teach us about everything (she was 4 credits shy of a teaching degree, before she decided to stay home and raise us kids). I learned a lot of valuable lessons from her. My dad was self-employed with a construction business, and sometimes would take us on the job and have us help with clean-up.

We were fairly poor. We had a nice house, thanks to my grandparents financing help and my dad’s construction skills (he refurbished a burned out 4 bedroom home they found for about $20,000 in 1982). Aside from that, we were cash poor and on and off state welfare programs throughout my childhood.

Somehow, despite our general lack of funds, we did manage to take road trips almost every year; to the grandparent’s homes in upstateNew York, great grandma’s farm inPennsylvania, and the grandparent’s winter home inFlorida. Those trips engendered a lifelong love of travel in me.

My mom was a homemaker until she and my dad separated when I was 9, ultimately divorcing. Then she became an entrepreneur as well, sellingAvon, jewelry, and once even frozen treats (I think we kids ate up the profit on that venture!).

Even though neither of my parents ever became wealthy, their examples of self-leadership led me to a lifetime of entrepreneurship as well.

Both my parents were college educated, dad as a minister, and mom as a teacher. I too have attended to college from time to time, majoring first in computer science, and then in business management.

While I enjoy learning I have never had a true desire to get a degree, and am largely self-educated in an omnivorous renaissance fashion, studying everything that interests me rather than a narrow path to a certain specialty.

I have been an entrepreneur since childhood, when I made jewelry and sold it door-to-door, and since then I have owned and operated many businesses spanning multiple fields, including; cleaning, graphic design, entertainment, sales, software design, financial services, retail, and I now bring all that diverse experience to my Naked Life Coaching practice.

I have led an unconventional life. Growing up I had never wanted to be a wife or mother, although now I am a single mother of an amazing 17 year old daughter. She provided quite an impetus for me to develop my sense of responsibility! I sometimes say that without her I would probably have ended up living on a hippie bus, and who knows, I may do that at some point in the future.

I have a wide variety of interests. One of my goals is to be a lounge singer inLas Vegas(just for a month!) and another is to completely restructure the world (see Appendix B). I like to keep things interesting. I love to sing, dance, paint, and make spreadsheets!

My first introduction to considering possible alternative ways of life came when I was 10 and discovered the great author Robert Anson Heinlein in the library.

The first indication I had that we create our own reality came when I was thirteen, when I found that how I felt about how I looked had an effect on others.

From age 13 to 15, I studied Wicca. I gradually came to realize that spells and rituals, and in fact, any belief set, are simply tools to allow our mind to accept that we can create whatever it is that we want to create.

As a young mother I read The Celestine Prophecy, and that added a new dimension to my knowledge of the creative power, and opened up a field of study that has become my passion. Since then I have been studying quantum physics, the ‘Law of Attraction’, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and whatever I find on the power of the human mind.

For the past few years I have been working intently on myself, on changing my mental patterns to create the reality I want. Throughout this book there will be anecdotes about that particular journey.


~ Thanks ~

(Mostly) By order of first appearance in my life experience

My Mother: Susan Marie Richards for unconditional love, teaching me optimism, and the creation of my first 4 settings (which I developed in rebellion to hers!)

My Father: Allen Louis Sabulsky for being an entrepreneur and helping me learn independence.

Robert Anson Heinlein for showing that there is a better, more rational way we can live as a species, and for holding such optimism for our future.

My Daughter: Aryenne Hali McCarver for teaching me responsibility, loving me, and for listening to me talk about the same stuff to so many people!

James Redfield for packaging the knowledge of energy dynamics into such a fun adventure story.

Jess Stearn for investigating and writing about The Power of Alpha Thinking.

Dave Johnson for helping me do so much, and more, and for just being a really cool cat.

Jonathan ‘Joth’ Livingston Andrews for loving me, teaching me about PFM, creating the Super Hero Quest for us, and holding my hand as I struggled to stop struggling.

“The Secret” Team & Cast for creating a phenomenal video and bringing the “Law of Attraction” to the masses.

Richard Bach for Illusions, a nicely packaged guide to being a master of reality.

Neale Donald Walsh for writing such amazing books, especially Conversations with God Volume 3, which really expanded my belief limits.

“Ritual” David Douglas for letting me bounce ideas off him, sharing his wisdom, championing Satoria Nation (once I finally convinced him!), and teaching people about the power of settings.

Brent the Robert out of Swan for sharing knowledge, being a crusader, assisting with Satoria Nation and helping read and edit my books.

Timothy Ferriss for the 4-Hour Work Week and demonstrating what living ‘the good life’ really means.

Richard Bandler for believing that change can be quick and easy, and proceeding to demonstrate just that, then providing a nice set of tools to facilitate the endeavor.

Nygyl Bryyn for pointing out the incongruence in my money paradigms.

Xious Sonnenberg for supporting me for seven months, and contributing all sorts of esoteric knowledge, from ancient gaming systems to chaos magic, to marketing, publishing, engineering, the list goes on.

Clinton Roman Eastwood-Crews for jokes, good conversation, and contributing his knowledge of all things quantum. R.I.P. Clint, I’ll miss our conversations.

Robert Barker for taking me where I needed to go, and for getting me a keyboard when mine broke. This book could not have been finished without you.

Additional thanks to:

My Soul Sisters; Bobbi Bender, Gypsy Lynn Iyata, Kelly Barker, Shantih Schmidt, Celeste Cooper, Shana Silva Dominguez, Alison Lindner, Dani Danger, Delilah Devi Ma, Sophia, Janie Michael, Fuchsia Girl, Kimberly Joi McGinty, Leila Swan, Rebecca McLarkey, Sophol Hean, and all the other powerful, talented, beautiful, vivacious and inspiring Goddesses in my life!

My camping buds and all my friends; who’ve been there and listened to my outrageous impossible dreams and schemes.

And… to all the people I have partied with, finally ending up naked in the hot tub having those long intellectual debates which have sharpened my own reality creation skills and ability to communicate these ideas.

And… to the hundreds of good friends in the Phoenix Fetish community and the S.C.A., for being free and bringing it wherever they go, even out ‘in public’.

Anonymous: The ‘Persian Photographer’ on the patio, for saying some key words that helped my shift my reality.

To all my Facebook friends who read the first posts and commented, thank you for your helpful feedback.

My Editorial Team: Brian Gilmore, Brent Swan, Shana Dominguez, Andrew Norman, and David Rogers. I appreciate all your help in reading and offering suggestions to make this book better. Any mistakes remaining are mine.

To all the wonderful beings out there right now busily consciously creating your desired destiny… keep on being the best you in the world!

Last, but not least, thank you, the person for whom I am writing, for reading what I have to say!

© 2011 Nadine Sabulsky

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